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Achieving Sustainable Growth

IDG is looking to align its operational development with advanced sustainability frameworks to become an economically, environmentally, operationally, and socially sustainable business. The company signed a partnership agreement with the GIZ for the provision of comprehensive technical support applying the international framework for Eco-industrial parks (EIP Framework) in e² October Industrial Park industrial zone and to improve its sustainability compliance to set an example for other industrial developers. To that end, IDG has begun taking steps to achieve the SIA’s four main pillars of sustainability across existing and future operations; providing access to high-quality infrastructure and collective representation of business interests.

Economic Decision-Making and Value Creation

Our parks are designed to surpass International standards with energy efficiency strategies put in place for park management infrastructure as well as major energy-consuming resident firms. Designed with a good understanding of the types and levels of market demand for its services, or for green Infrastructure integrated with cost-effective, energy-efficient technologies and management processes to provide competitive advantages.

Environmental Consciousness

Protection of the sensitive natural environment is key to environmental and community well-being. We are aware of the potential impact of park activities on priority ecosystem services in and around the vicinity of the park. The park management entity has a plan in place to assess operational environmental impacts, and aims to limit the impact on prioritized local ecosystem services.

Increasing water savings
Among the new sustainable projects implemented in e² Alamein is a rainwater harvesting system that will substantially decrease the park’s dependency on city water.
Lessening emissions
In 2021, we established a new partnership with a mini-bus service to provide our internal transportation network with electric shuttle buses for greener movement.
Waste disposal
A functioning waste collection, treatment and disposal system is in place to ensure that unused waste materials are treated and disposed of in proper landfills. Native flora and fauna are important to maintain the proportion of natural areas. They are integrated within the industrial park and natural ecosystem where possible water savings and reuse.

Operational Developments

Recent Development park management and governance strategy, specifically with regard to proper management and monitoring of the industrial park. This includes investments in associated infrastructure to apply international standards; which includes industrial park disaster preparedness and risk management services. The park management has appropriate measures in place to manage risks and accidents at the park level, catalyze stakeholder dialogue, provide platforms for knowledge sharing, and operate and maintain park-level infrastructure

Social Commitments and Capacity Building

Local businesses, SME promotion and linkages: SMEs are the backbone of the economy and employment in many countries. IDG provides opportunities for the establishment of SMEs in parks that can, in turn, provide services and add value to other larger tenants operating in the park. Nevertheless it can also provide strong economic development benefits through the promotion of linkages with local businesses as suppliers to the industrial park and its resident firms.

Bolstering vocational education
Programs for skills training and development by employee category are in place, with a particular emphasis on equal opportunity. Examples include technical training as well as skills development programs, and women entrepreneurship development programs.
Supporting blue-collar workers
Next to its environmentally-friendly impact, our new partnership with a mini-bus service aims to support blue-collar workers by providing comfortable transportation access and saving their time and energy; as well as reducing stresses and costs for park tenants.
Providing employment chances
IDG’s parks offer different employment prospects that range from security, housekeeping, and maintenance to human resources and financial services, with prospects regularly increasing.