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  • ICONIA Zamalek - 16 Mohamed Thakib street, Cairo, Egypt.
  • info@idg-egypt.com
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Who We Are

We provide local and multinational enterprises with industrial complexes that offer first-rate services and amenities, designed to cover all our tenant needs. From plot sales and rental to tailored services, advisory and wide-ranging park amenities, we offer comprehensive ecosystems where businesses can thrive without disruption.

Our Parks


Setting Up Your Business With IDG 

We offer a full range of services supporting you steer through the complex dynamics
of the market; allowing you to reap its competitive advantages.

We offer a full range of services, both in-house and through partnerships with verified solution providers at competitive rates 


Our team is well-versed in Egypt’s regulatory process and can help foreign investors navigate through Egypt’s red tape  


Our product offerings and solutions can be specifically tailored to suit any current or prospective tenants’ business goals 


We provide immediate access to trusted vendors and providers at competitive rates available on location 


Our in-house business intelligence team equips us with the knowledge to innovate and adjust our business model to better serve our clients based on the existing landscape and tenants’ needs 


We leverage our strong relationship with Egypt’s government bodies for swifter results 



Joining IDG automatically connects you to world-class services to help you advance your business

Tailored industrial properties
Plug-and-play office spaces
Flexible financing
Licensing and permissions
Soft-landing services
Advisory and matchmaking support
Vocational training and capacity building programs
Industrial Services
We allocate tenants according to their technical requirements and industry specific factors, such as utility features, plot dimensions and logistical insight.
Office spaces in the main administrative area are available for rent in various sizes and short- or long-term plans, and come fully equipped with communication systems.
We provide dynamic financing options and terms that include commercial real estate financing, and refinancing for constructing industrial properties like warehouses, factories, manufacturing sites, storage and distribution centers.
We handle licensing procedures such as construction licenses, work permissions, environment permits and industrial safety and health approvals without charge. We also support customs and duty dealings, and banking documentation requirements for importing and exporting operations.
We provide soft-landing services for tenants and their families, from initial airport pickups and orientation on Egyptian culture, to temporary lodging and recommendations on schools and facilities.
Our advisory support service uses local experience and market knowledge to match investors with businesses, consultants, banks, law firms, public accountants and other companies they may need.
We understand the value of a qualified workforce in driving success and increasing competitiveness across industries. Through our affiliation with the National Academy for Science and Skills (NASS), we provide our investors with a skilled workforce that support operational needs and boosts growth, development and value creation.
IDG has an extensive network of subscription service partnerships that allows the investors to focus on their operations hassle free.